Primary Sources

Click an image to get a closer look and see the links below the images for more detailed information on these science primary sources.

Find out more about immigration and disease.

Read about a ship’s navigational equipment.

Learn about the effects of weather.

Interactive Learning

Click on the logo to play this game of Jeopardy! All the information your students will need to win is found in this educational module and the posts that accompany it.

Science - Jeopardy

Additional Resources

Interactive learning tool on Wind and Ocean Currents.

Smithsonian Museum of American History’s online exhibit, Dangerous Waters, Injury and Sickness at Sea.

Watch the videos below and learn about ocean currents from Bill Nye, ocean and climate from NASA, and the physics of sailing.

 Further Thought

  1. How did weather affect sailing vessels compared to steamships?
  2. Explain the ways in which navigation changed with technology?
  3. What happened to sick immigrants when they arrived in the United States?