Tech Tools and Lessons


Create lessons using these tech integration tools featured below. Samples of how to use the content provided by this website are featured as well. Lessons we have created are linked under the subject headings. We would love your feedback and to showcase student work. If you use this website or these tech tools and lessons in your classroom please share the work you or your students create. Email us what you’ve done and we will feature student work and teacher’s lessons on this website with appropriate credits. Showcase what your students learn!


If you’ve used the materials provided by this website and created something you’re proud of, we’d love to hear from you and share your work with others. Email us the link to your work and we will feature it on the website. Show us what you can create!


Share how you’ve used SSHSA’s materials in your research. Email us with links, article titles, or a description of your work and we will highlight it on the website.

Tech Tools and Lessons Examples


Merida Shipwreck

Midpoint in Ocean Crossings

Hudson River Line Food

Social Studies

View our story created from the Immigration and Disease post. To create one yourself or have your students create one visit their website.

Create dynamic images with ThingLink

Tech Tools and Lessons - Immigrants


Refrigeration on Ships

Click on the logo below to check out this fun game of Jeopardy created from all the materials in our science module and the corresponding posts. Create your own here.

Tech Tools and Lessons - Jeopardy