Tech Tools and Lessons


SCIENCE – Have your students create an experiment to see what materials keep items colder longer.

SCIENCE – Play Jeopardy based on information found in the Science Module.

TECH / CS / ENGINEERING – Click on this cipher to view a lesson on how to encode and decode secret messages.

ENGINEERING / CS – Make aluminum boats to learn how CS is a fundamentally problem-solving discipline.

ENGINEERING – Try this adapted lesson used in a STEM class based on the aluminum foil boat experiment.


Merida shipwreck

MATH – Use property lost in a shipwreck to calculate losses.

MATH – Calculate the midpoint in ocean crossings.

Hudson River Line Food

MATH / SOCIAL STUDIES – Calculate spending and learn about the Great Depression

ART – Students can view paintings and answer questions about how art can teach us about history and culture.

MATH – Calculate percent increase and decrease with trade statistics.

CHEMISTRY – Try this lab practical based on a boiler operator handbook.

   Check out this story below created from the Immigration and Disease post. To create one yourself or have your students create one, visit their website.

   Create dynamic images with ThingLink

Tech Tools and Lessons - Immigrants


Other Tech Integration Resources and Lessons

Jeopardy – Create your own game

Piktochart – Infographic Creator

Animoto – Create Videos

Smore – Design Brochures and Posters

Fodey – Newspaper Clipping Generator

Library of Congress – Teaching with Primary Sources Program

Library of Congress – Primary Source Analysis Tool

Time Graphics – Create free, online timelines

TimeToast – Create Timelines

MapMe – Make Story Maps

StoryBird – Digital Storytelling

Quizlet – Create Flashcards and Quizzes

Scratch – Create stories, games, and animations, and share them

GeoGebra – Solve equations, graph functions, create constructions, analyze data, explore 3D math!

Find lesson plans from the EPA on environmental science here.

Port of Entry: Immigration – Use this Library of Congress tool to become a historical detective and investigate photographs and eyewitness account of immigrant life in America.

Immigration and Migration: Our Changing Voices – Through dialogue, documentation, research, and interviews, students understand their role in society in this Library of Congress activity.

Ellis Island Oral History Program – approximately 1900 interviews. The interviews include people from dozens of countries, former Immigration and Public Health Service employees, military personnel stationed at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty as well as people detained at Ellis Island during World War II until it closed in 1954.


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