Hudson River Line Food

MATH/SOCIAL STUDIES – This lesson allows students to view primary source materials and draw historical conclusions based on the Hudson River Line food purchases. Students can also utilize these sources for mathematical calculations.

Social Studies

  1. What does the decrease in spending on food across the years mean?
  2. How does this reflect economic stability and the Great Depression?


  1. Create a line graph with the years on the x-axis, amount spent on the y-axis, and use a different color for each line to differentiate between the line items.
  2. Determine which boats consumed the most food.

Click here to view the food comparison on all boats of the Hudson River Line in 1924 from the Hudson River Line Collection, SSHSA Archive.

Click here to see the itemized amount of food purchased for the 1924 season from the Hudson River Line Collection, SSHSA Archive.

Additional Resources on the Hudson River Line

Peter Hess, A Short History on the Hudson River Day Line.

Hudson River Maritime Museum.

Steamboats on the Hudson: An American Saga.

Education Standards

National Council for Social Studies

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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