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Watch our conference presentation with the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers that details how to use our historical sources and lessons for science and chemistry subjects.

Previous Workshops:

Teaching with Historic Archival Sources in Science and Chemistry” in association with the New England Association for Chemistry Teachers

Built on the extensive resources of the SSHSA, this program introduced participants to incorporating historical data and real-world applications into chemistry and science teaching. Thermodynamics, solution chemistry, and the engineering design process were featured. Participants experienced hands-on activities that can be incorporated into their secondary and post-secondary classrooms. An introduction to the SSHSA’s new educational website and a tour of their archives were also included in the program. 

“Our NEACT members were so engaged by all of the resources you showed and by the website you’re publishing.” Christopher Koutros, New England Association of Chemistry Teachers, S. Division Chair

Check out the lesson created from this workshop – Boiler Operator Solution Chemistry