Fall River Line Interiors

ART – View images of the interior design of steamships aboard this historic and local steamship company. The Fall River Line (1847 – 1937) was a combination steamboat and railroad connection between New York City and Boston. It consisted of a railroad journey between Boston and Fall River, Massachusetts, where passengers would then board steamboats for the journey through Narragansett Bay and Long Island Sound to the line’s own Hudson River dock in Manhattan. For many years, passengers preferred this route for travel between the two major cities. The line was extremely popular, and regarded as having the most advanced and luxurious steamboats of the day.

Click through the images from Fifty Photographic Views of the Steamers of the Fall River Line, 1896 below to view the interiors of the steamships from 1896.

Click here to download this pdf.

Click here to download this pdf.

Questions for Further Thought

  1. Look up some other overnight steamships from this time period. How do the interior designs of the Fall River Line compare?
  2. What can you learn about life in 1931 from the Fall River Line Journal?
  3. What class of people do you think the Fall River Line appealed to and why?

Additional Resources

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A History of the Fall River Line,” Newport Historical Society, 2011.

Mary Heaton Vorse, “The Fall River Line,” The New Yorker, 1931.

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4 ( Grades: K-12 ): Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and cultures

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